Notice to ALL vendors "All federal, state and local laws governing retail sales tax must be followed. I understand the rules and regulations of the show and will comply. I realize that failure to comply may result in expulsion from the show." 

For further tax information and applications follow the link.


Dear Art and Craft vendors:

Greetings! This letter to inform you of some important item’s for Pittsburg’s 2017 Cow Creek Bluegrass Festival. Please review the list below. We highly encourage all crafts to be handmade!

1. REGISTRATION: All applications for arts and crafts vendors must be received orpostmarked by May 27, 2017 and be accompanied with payment to cover the registration fee. Applications received after that date will not be considered for inclusion in the festival. Refunds will not be returned after May 27, 2017 or in case of rain-out.

All vendors will be required to submit 2 pictures of their booth and complete a list of items that the will be selling at the 2017 festival. Once your application is submitted someone will contact you with information to send the photos via email.

2. Art and Craft vendors will be assigned to their space/s. These spaces are assigned on a first come first serve basis, including spaces with electricity.  Craft booth spaces will be approximately 10’ wide by 15’ deep. Choose three spots you wish to have your booth in as shown on the MAP OF LINCOLN PARK, then simply list that in the space provided on the application. Vendors can setup a smaller space within the dimension but the width and depth dimensions will not be changed. No exceptions! It is highly recommended that each vendor use a canopy or large umbrella to cover their table/display as there is no guarantee that placement in the park will be in the shade of the trees.

3. A limited number of booths will be available on the west side of the park, (by Kiddie Land).  *** The acceptance of your request will be at the discretion of the Cow Creek Bluegrass Festival and the Pittsburg Parks and Recreation***

4. A tentative schedule of entertainment will be posted on and Facebook page, and Pittsburg Parks and Recreation website  Activities may change so visit often!

5.  ELECTRICITY: All electrical outlets are GFI protected circuits. All vendors are required to meet current standards with their vendor booths as to ensure appropriate electrical operation throughout the celebration. We will not be making any special arrangements.

6. CHECK-IN: Vendors will check in at the north band dome parking lot. We ask that all vendors keep their vehicles in this designated parking areas ONLY!


SATURDAY JUNE 10, 2017        8:00AM-9:30AM

*Vendors will not be allowed to check-in before or after these times as staff will not be available: any vendor setting up before or after these specified times will be asked to shut down and will not be allowed to participate.  

Please stay abreast of any changes by visiting or the Cow Creek Bluegrass Festival Facebook page or at the Pittsburg Parks and Recreation website

Please review all the information very carefully and feel free to contact the following,

Timothy Anderson

Festival Director


Kim Vogel

Director of Pittsburg Parks and Recreation


Fax (620)-230-5636