Cow Creek Bluegrass Festival 2017

Food Booth Info

Notice to ALL vendors "All federal, state and local laws governing retail sales tax must be followed. I understand the rules and regulations of the show and will comply. I realize that failure to comply may result in expulsion from the show."

For further tax information and applications follow the link.

1.     Each Booth Space is 25’wide and should not be exceed: limit 2 spaces per vendor.

2.     Vendors shall not sell alcoholic beverages at anytime.

3.     All exhibitors shall be responsible for their own booth and contents. Food and drinks are the only items that may be sold by any exhibitor and must meet all health code regulations.

4.     The cost of one 25’ wide space is $50.00; length includes the trailer tongue/ball and hitch. If the space of your trailer requires more than 25’ you must purchase an additional space. Fess must be enclosed with the registration form. No space will be reserved without full payment.

5.     Booth spaces are available on a first come first served basis. Please mark your top 3 choices (according to the attached map of Lincoln park) located at the bottom of the application.

6.     Vendors will be able to set up Saturday June 10 from 8:00am to 9:30am. Vendors shall not be permitted to set up outside the time listed and will be asked to shut down and not allowed to participate.  

7.     Vendors will be responsible for maintaining and filing proper state sales tax information and for being in possession of required permits/licenses to sell food and drink.

8.     All applications for foods vendors must be received or post marked by May 27, 2017 and must include full payment for space(s), a full list of menu items and major electrical appliances that will be used.  Applications postmarked after May 27, 2017 may not be considered for inclusion in the celebration.


Refunds will not be given after May27, 2017 or in case of inclement weather.

Please do not forget to include application, full payment, full list of menu items and major electrical appliances to be used.  The application is part of the check out process. Just fill in the form and that's it! (I know it looks like you fill in some twice, one is for billing the other is the application.) 

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