Notice to ALL vendors "All federal, state and local laws governing retail sales tax must be followed. I understand the rules and regulations of the show and will comply. I realize that failure to comply may result in expulsion from the show." 

For further tax information and applications follow the link.

Artisan and Handmade Crafts must be Original, handcrafted items produced by the vendor. Artisan crafts are strongly encouraged. ( This helps go with the old-timey feel of the festival.)  *Please specify items in Product description section, including price range*

Booth sizes are 10' wide X 15' deep for $25.  Double size space 20'x15' for $50

Electricity is an additional $5 (availability is limited).

 Choose three spots you wish to have your booth, in as shown on the MAP OF LINCOLN PARK, then simply list that in the space provided on the application.

Have you participated in other shows or fairs lets us know. Please include your website or facebook page for you product so we may include that on a Craft Vendor list. Include that information in the Special information space.

To order a booth(s) space and or electricity please follow the link by clicking product link below and purchase either or both. YOUR ORDER MUST BE COMPLETED BEFORE May 27, 2017. complete the vendor application to complete the check out process.

Check out instructions...You will click theproduct link below which will take you to the shop where you will "purchase" arts and craft fees and/or electricity. Click the link for arts and crafts fee. A CART button will appear in the lower right corner. If you do not need electricity press the the cart button, then proceed to check out. If you need electricity you will see "back to shop" link in the upper left corner follow and back to the shop "purchase" electricity, add to cart, press the cart button, proceed to check out. I know it seems redundant but in order to ensure that everything is correct some information will have to be filled out at least twice. Sorry.  Once you fill in all the information an make your "purchase" you will receive and email of the transaction. Someone will contact you to welcome you and verify all the information and as soon as possible. If you need more than one space for a single booth you must make Two (2)  separate purchases or use the "MAIL IN " option on the previous page.

*By completing this form you are giving Cow Creek Bluegrass Festival the right to use pictures of you and your booth on any future promotions for the Cow Creek Bluegrass Festival. Your Contact information (website or facebookpage links) or phone number will be listed on the Craft Vendor List. If there is information you DO NOT want disseminated to the public please email the Festival Director.

Arts & Craft Vendor Electricity
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